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Barnel Pole Saw Replacement Saw Blade with Sheath

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Product description

Barnel Tools Professional Pole Saw Replacement Blade and Sheath (Z555+S)

Product Specifications for TIGER TOOTH/TIGER CLAW saw blade

  • The pole saw blade is manufactured from SK4 exclusive japanese, high carbon, Samurai sword steel. This is the ULTIMATE cutting blade material for a pole saw blade.
  • The saw blade has been laser traced which totally eliminates the presence of any fine hair cracks in the blade These fine hair cracks can be a result of the conventional manufacture of most blades which is stamping the blade out of sheet steel.
  • High precision ground tri-edged TIGER TOOTH/TIGER CLAW teeth surpass any conventional saw in cutting speed and performance.
  • Cuts on the PULL stroke only.
  • Due to the “angle set” in the saw teeth each individual saw tooth is honed and polished with its whole side cutting edge for an absolutely smooth finish in the cut. Therefore resulting in a faster and easier healing process of the saw wound and subdued settlement of disease and fungus on the saw wound.
  • LASER IMPULSE HARDENED TEETH (recognised by their blue tips) maintain razor sharp TIGER TOOTH/TIGER CLAW performance for 3-10 times longer compared to non-hardened teeth, dependent on the materials being cut. Currently BARNEL is the only manufacturer that offers impulse hardened teeth in a large curved saw blade (17″/430mm) like this one.
  • Non hardened teeth can be sharpened by hand, but with difficulty, therefore we would recommend sharpening to be done by a professional. Impulse hardened teeth, as in this saw cannot be sharpened by hand and must be sharpened by a professional but this will jeopardise the impulse hardening. Therefore BARNEL recommend that you invest in a replacement saw blade when needed which in turn will not compromise the quality of the cut and give you another 3-10 times longer sharpness.
  • A curved saw blade creates a natural drag or grab on the pull stroke all the way to the tip of the saw.
  • Furthermore a curved blade is less likely to slip in its carved channel compared to a straight saw blade.
  • Raker slots in the blade clean out any fine saw shavings quickly before they build up in the carved saw channel and cause friction and potential “binding up”, buckling or snapping. This is especially important when sawing off dead branches. Raker slots in the blade also “pull” air into the cut for cooling.
  • The blade is manufactured form extra thick SK4 material which helps stiffen the saw and thus preventing premature breakage.
  • There is a small hook at the tip of the blade which allows the pulling down of the branches that have just been sawn.
  • In addition there is a large hook type extension at the base of the blade that provides a dual function. One side is sharp and is used to under cut the branch in order to sever fibres and capillaries this prevents the peeling of the bark when the branch breaks off which in turn damages the tree. The other side of the blade is used to hang the saw up in the tree like a pendulum for safe storage in between cuts or when climbing the tree. This then makes the saw very easy to retrieve when you need to put the saw back into use.
  • Also the blade has a hard chrome protective finish which help keep it clean of sap and fluids in addition preventing rust.
  • Hollow ground saw blades reduce the amount of friction build up during the cut. This also gives increased cutting speed and performance, yet offering a stronger back edge which in turn avoids breakages.
  • In addition the saw blade comes in an ABS sheath which securely house the blade for safe keeping and transportation.
  • Finally the saw has a strong steel mounted adaptor that is equipped to lock into the dual locking pins of the pole.

Saw Blade Technical Specifications

  • Barnel Reference : Z555S
  • Blade Thickness – 1.5mm
  • Size 26″ (66cm)
  • Blade Length – 17″ (430mm)

This is the blade and sheath only NO POLE, requires Barnel Tools No: Z555P2

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Barnel Pole Saw Replacement Saw Blade with Sheath

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