What size foldable dog fence do I need?

The length of the fence depends on the opening you are trying to secure. So to make it super easy, if you have a 10ft opening then you would select a 10ft fence which is built from 10 panels.

All our foldable fences are designed to be erected in a structured zig zag formation creating a 2 ft space between each 2 panels. Therefore 10 panels, in a zig zag create  5 x 2ft gaps between each apex.

Where is my order?

Tracking information is provided on dispatch email confirmation. 

If you prefer you can call our customer service team on 01282 792926.

What height of dog fence do I need?

Our foldable fences are available in 60cm, 75cm, 1m and 1.2m high, so you can choose the right height for the size of your dog.

Does Algiclear kill Moss?

Algiclear is a biocide formulation approved by the HSE (Health & Safety Executive) and is a concentrated, environmentally sensitive, curing and preventative treatment which kills algae and liverwort on all hard surfaces.

Algiclear uses patented technology which cleverly lifts the algal cell and encapsulates it, causing the cell to dry out and simply blow away.   We know Algiclear can be successful at removing moss, but we don’t claim this on the product.

What is standard delivery time?

2-3 working days

Do we deliver to Northern Ireland?

Yes we do and anywhere else in the world

Do my raised beds come with fittings?

Yes all raised beds come with all the necessary screws to put the product together.

Do the dog fences suit all breeds of dogs?

Yes all our fences are suitable for any dog size or breed, but you know your dogs better than us, so you will need to decide which one is more suitable for your dog. 

For example you may have a digger who likes to try and dig under the fence, so we can supply more suitable fittings to help staple the fence down.

You may have a jumper, our open mesh, zig zag formation is designed to confuse dogs and prevent them jumping as they have no solid platform to leap frog from.

Should I disconnect my watering lance before storage?

Yes always remove and drain all water to avoid the lance from cracking during winter months.

Why doesn't my lance create a soft rain effect?

Try to ensure the water pressure is correct in order to get the desired effect.

What size whelping pen do I need?

We suggest you measure the female dog from base of tail to tip of nose and plus 7.5cm. This measurement will then give you a size to then go to the nearest larger size whelping pen.

Eg: if your dog measures 70cm + 7.5cm = 77.5cm – your whelping pen would be 1m.